Happy and Tired

Dear Family,

Well this week was a pretty crazy one with not very much sleep. I don’t think I have ever been so tired in my life, but I am equally happy as I am tired. We had a lot of late nights of things that popped up in the mission and one of the nights that something popped up, we didn’t get home until 2am! I felt like a zombie the next morning! Things are going great with the work though! We had the blessing of having a lot of our investigators come to church this week and a lot of them are progressing very well on the path to baptism.

We had a pretty cool experience this week. We have been teaching a family for awhile and have only gotten the husband to church, but the wife and daughter have been a little harder. The daughter had only come once and the wife had never come. We went and visited them on Saturday night and they excitedly told us that they had decided to come to church as a family and that they were praying about whether they should be baptized. They said they feel like what we teach is true and are extremely interested. The spirit is always super strong when we go teach them!

My companion and I thought we were going to have a week of just working in our area and no administrative stuff, but it ended up being a pretty heavy week of administrative stuff. It’s kind of turned into a joke between us. We worked as hard as we could with the little time that we got in our area and ended up having success. We tried to stay in our area as much as we could and I feel like the Lord blessed us for our efforts. Elder Lopez and I are having a blast with each other. We are working hard and really enjoying the work we are doing. Mission life is the best! Love you all!


Elder Black

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