Everything Going Great

Dear Family,

Well it sounds like there has been a lot of excitement going on with Jared getting home from his mission. It is crazy that time has gone by so fast. It sounds like Jared gave a really good homecoming talk. To answer a few of your questions…… Our mission president is getting to El Salvador tomorrow, then he will be flying into Belize on the 4th of July. I think we are going to take him around to a few places close by for he and his wife to get the feel of Belize. It’s the rainy season right now, so we have been getting quite a bit of rain.It is kind of fun to be out working when it is pouring rain. Not very many people come to church when that happens though. That’s ok though. We will figure out how to get past that. Some of our investigators are progressing fairly well, but we are going to focus on finding a lot more investigators this week so we can have more. We had some that made it to church this week. Five of them came, and a couple were a pretty big surprise. There was one lady that we had contacted earlier in the week, but had not been able to find her after that. Whenever we passed by, she wasn’t home. We had invited her to church that day that we saw her, and then on Sunday, she decided to come. It was awesome to see her there. The even better part was that she brought a friend with her! It was a miracle to have someone disappear, then just show up to church with a friend.

I went on interchanges this week as well to the city of Belmopan with Elder Eggers. We had a super successful interchange. In the two days that I was there with him, 10 people accepted a baptismal date and we found 21 new investigators. 17 of those 21 were found in one day! It was an extremely successful interchange. I have never found that many new people to teach in one day before. We were both exhausted when we finished the day, but we felt great about the work we had done.

We had a really cool experience after I emailed you last Monday. We were driving along the ocean, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw something that looked like a big fish jump out of the water. I pulled over to the side of the road and we got out for a minute to see if it jumped again. A few seconds later, a dolphin jumped out of the water and was swimming around. It was awesome!!!! We stood there and watched it for a few minutes, and it jumped out of the water several times. I wanted to jump in the water and go swim with it pretty bad! Haha. We got a couple pictures of it, but not of it jumping out of the water. It made my day that we saw one though. That was one of the things that I have been hoping to see ever since I got here to Belize. 

Well I hope you all had a great week! I love you all!


Elder Black













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