Back in Action

Note:  As most of you know, Aaron became extremely sick with salmonella on his mission, and was sent home with an honourable release, to recover.  Earlier this year, he made the decision that he would like to finish his mission experience.  So after 3 years and 1 month of being home, working, and going to school, he got back on an airplane August 31, 2015, and returned to the mission field.  The mission boundaries have since changed, and now he is in the El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize mission.  We’re excited for him and look forward to hearing about his experiences each week.


Dear Family, (Tuesday, Sept 1, 2015)

Well I made it to El Salvador and am super excited to hit the ground running. My Spanish has picked up pretty close to where it left off and I am loving it here. I still don’t feel entirely like a missionary, but I’m sure it will sink in very quickly. I got a little sleep on the plane, but not a whole lot. I slept pretty good last night though. Well I hope you have a good week. Love you!


Elder Black



Elder Black (with his new companion Elder Cuevas and President and Sister Hintze)