Things Are Looking Up

Dear Family,

Well it is late, so I will just write to all of you at the same time.  Elder Garcia had to go to the US embassy to get his visa renewed, so it has been a little different of a p-day.  It has been quite a bit of fun!

I went to the doctor and found out that I have salmonilla (not sure how to spell that).  I was home on doctors orders Thursday through Saturday all day and most of Sunday too.  When I got weighed, I came in at 162 pounds.  I weighed 190 when I left the MTC, so I have lost 28 pounds! haha.  Don’t worry though, I am starting to gain it back, but I will probably be skinnier when I get home than when I left.  I think that happens to most missionaries that come here though.  I am feeling a lot better now, but I am not 100 percent still so I am going to have to be a little careful this week.  The church has a pretty good doctor here and she went with me to the pharmacy to get the best brand for every medicine, so no worries about that mom.  All the meds are good ones.  The church has a good doctor and she has even been calling me a lot to see how I’m doing and give me advice of what to do for certain things.  She is a member and has been working with missionaries for 17 years.  She told me something that made me pretty happy about my Spanish though.  She said in her 17 years with seeing missionaries, she hasn’t´t seen hardly anyone that has picked up the Spanish language so well in so little time.  She told me that she doesn’t really even hear a gringo accent in my Spanish and that it flows really well when I speak.  So, according to her, my Spanish is coming along really well! :)

Alejandra is doing really well.  She has come to church twice and has been going to lots of activities.  She has made friends at church and is really loving what we teach her.  We have a baptismal date for her on the 28th of this month and she is pretty excited for it.  We are going to be doing it at 8 in the morning so she can have some of her friends there to see it.  I am really excited for her!  She is accepting the gospel and has realized the happiness that it has brought into her life.  I love seeing what this gospel does to people when the truly accept it!!  It makes big changes for the better in their lives.

The Smith family is on a little bit of a hold right now.  The wife, Celina, just had a baby.  They asked us to be the Godfathers of the baby though.  A little weird since we haven’t even known them for that long, but oh well.  Here the doctors say to stay in and rest for 40 days though, so they don’t want to get baptized until after that.  We are going to talk to them about doing a special baptism where we can use a chair or something to baptize her.

On Saturday, it started raining really hard… and we ended up with a big issue.  Our roof started leaking!!  We had to put buckets all over the place to catch the rain water that was dripping through the roof!  Our house is such a piece of junk!  It’s all part of the experience though!

I am glad that you guys have been having a good summer!  Os amo a todos y espero que tengan una buena semana!  Salud from El Salvador hasta el otro lunes!


Elder Aaron Black

One thought on “Things Are Looking Up

  1. I hadn’t read your blogs for two or three months, but I’ve just read the latest one. You have salmonella, don’t you? Are you OK now? It is good to hear that you are doing great with your spanish. I envy you!! I wish that my English will go well like you. Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading your blog! Take care!!

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