Leaky Roof, Ensure, Upcoming Baptism



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Our leaking roof


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Making french toast

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Me with my ensure that Hermana. Glazier gave me to put some weight back on

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7 months in and I’ve still got my swagger!… Or maybe I’ve just completely lost it! haha

Dear Family,

Well I have still been sick this week, but I am starting to get a little better.  Last Wednesday, Hermana Glazier gave me some ensure to help me put some weight back on.  I got pretty skinny!  Haha.  I am starting to gain a little bit of it back I think, but all my clothes are a little bit big on me right now!  Even my pants are fairly loose on me now!  You don’t need to send any clothes though.  I can still manage and I am going to try to get back up to my normal size.  I think the salmonella is most of the way gone.  I just get really dizzy, tired, and feel sick when we walk a lot, so that has put a little damper in the work here since we are always walking.  I am sure I will have this over and put behind me soon!

I decided that I need to make a little more of my own happiness, so I have made a goal to always have a smile on my face and try my best to really show people that this gospel truely makes people happy.  I have also decided to have a little bit of fun during the mission too and just not let things stress me out, as you can see in the pictures.  I have noticed that people feel even more comfortable being around me and time is flying by even faster.  This week honestly felt like it was about 2 or 3 days long.  So even though I am sick, I am doing my best to keep a positive attitude about everything and be the best missionary that I can be!

This Saturday, we are going to be baptizing Alejandra.  She came to church for the third time on this past Sunday and is loving it.  After every lesson that we taught, we always left a pamphlet for the next lesson and asked her to read it and told her we would teach that material when we came back.  When we came back for the next lesson, she had always studied the material and had lots to say about it.  She actually taught a lot of the lessons to us from the questions we asked and we basically just had to bear testimony about the truthfulness of what we taught and leave commitments.  She is a golden investigator and is already very involved in the ward.  I am super excited for her to get baptized!

This week has gone by super fast and I can’t believe that I am already having another p-day again!  My english is getting worse from speaking spanish all the time, so I will be struggling with it when I go home too!  Yo espero que todos tengan una semana buenisima y quiero que sepan que os amo mucho a todos!  Salud por una semana mas hasta el otro lunes!

Mucho amor,

Elder Aaron Black

A few extras:

Dear Mom,   HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!    I have been getting better, but I have still been feeling kind of weak and get really dizzy when we walk a lot.  I haven’t really been able to do very much for most of this change from being sick for a lot of it.  I just want to get over this thing so I can get back to working like I should be doing.  I am going to send a package home today and I have the water purifier with me to send to have you get it fixed.  I really like that thing and it helped me a lot.  It`s a little bit of a pain to have to watch what water we drink so much.  We aren’t rushing the Family Smith into a baptism, so no worries about that.  We are just encouraging them and passing by their house 2-3 times a week.  They do want to get baptized when she is feeling better though.  I am pretty excited for Alejandra’s baptism.  She is ready and we are going to be having her interview on Wednesday so that will be good.  Have an awesome week!  Te amo mama!

Dear Dad,

Hopefully you get feeling better pretty soon and things go back to normal.   I have had to go back to the house and rest a lot too this week.  I am supposed to rest whenever I feel sick and I start feeling sick just about everytime we walk a lot, so we haven’t been able to do a lot this week.  Well, more like for most of this change.  Well, I hope all goes well this week and you have an awesome week!  Te amo papi!

Dear Tanya,

My week has been alright, but I have still been a little sick.  I am getting better though!  :).  That is awesome that you went to day camp!  What did you do there?  That will be a lot of fun to go to a concert and have a picknik!  I got your letters, so I will try to get everyone a letter written today to send.  Have an awesome week!  Te amo sis!

Dear Jared,

Things are going alright with our investigators.  Alejandra is going to be getting baptized on this Saturday, so we are pretty excited about that!  We don’t have any other baptisms coming up really soon though, but that is ok.  I am still working hard.  Baptisms are important, but the success of a missionary isn’t measured by how many baptisms he has.  It sounds like the kids basketball camp was quite the success.  Did you have a lot of fun teaching it.  We haven’t really had a whole lot going on here right now since I’ve been sick, but now that I am starting to get better things should be picking up.  Transfers are on the first of next month, so they are coming up pretty soon.  I might know if I have changes next week when I write.  Have an awesome week!  Te amo bro!

Dear Nathan,

I am feeling a little better.  It sounds like you have been keeping yourself fairly busy with everything back home in Utah.  That is good that you almost have your star.  Keep working hard to eventually get your eagle badge.  I am really glad that I got mine.  That is good to hear that you gave service to the place where Michael is going to live.  Giving service is a really good thing to do and something that you will always feel good about.  Have an awesome week!  Te amo bro!

From the Mission President’s Wife, Hermana Glazier:

Note:  If you’ve been reading the past few weeks, you have read that Aaron has been sick for a few weeks.  We received this nice note from Sister Glazier a few days ago, and we know Aaron is in good hands:


Dear Brother and Sister Black,

I wanted to write to you about your son’s health problem.  He has had a case of salmonella.  Here in our 3rd world country, that is a very common occurrence.  He has been treated with an antibiotic and is recovering very well, but it took a while to diagnose what he had, so he has lost a lot of weight (he said about 20 pounds).  He just didn’t feel like eating and he was not sleeping well. He said he has had sleeping problems in the past.  But the infection is gone now and he is beginning to thrive again.  He has slept well the last 2 nights.  The doctor said once the infection cleared, he should probably sleep better and that is happening.  I have put him on some Ensure to bring his weight back up.  I saw him today in Zone Conference and he looked MUCH BETTER.  I was pleased with the improvement I see in him.  I don’t know if he has told you any of this, but I knew you would want to pray in his behalf. 

He is quite a trooper–not a complainer, and a hard worker.  We had a hard time getting him to rest.  We’ll do all we can to get him back to full health.  We sure love him.  He is a dedicated and faithful young elder.  We are so grateful to have him here.

If you have any questions, you may call me.


Hermana Glazier

Mision El Salvador San Salvador

Oops, here’s a P.S. from July 16th:

(See pictures from a couple weeks ago)

I forgot to answer your questions about the mountain.  We were just up there looking for new people.  The cow was just in the street while we were walking up the mountain.  I loved seeing cows and a horse though.  It made me feel more at home.  The city is really noisy and dirty.  I wouldn’t want to live in this city for my whole life.  There are tons of fumes and pollution here.  To answer your question Jared, it is very noisy and hot, even the beds are hot at night.  I sleep with earplugs every night because of the noise!  I am going to freeze my butt off when I come back home to Utah in the month of December!

Things Are Looking Up

Dear Family,

Well it is late, so I will just write to all of you at the same time.  Elder Garcia had to go to the US embassy to get his visa renewed, so it has been a little different of a p-day.  It has been quite a bit of fun!

I went to the doctor and found out that I have salmonilla (not sure how to spell that).  I was home on doctors orders Thursday through Saturday all day and most of Sunday too.  When I got weighed, I came in at 162 pounds.  I weighed 190 when I left the MTC, so I have lost 28 pounds! haha.  Don’t worry though, I am starting to gain it back, but I will probably be skinnier when I get home than when I left.  I think that happens to most missionaries that come here though.  I am feeling a lot better now, but I am not 100 percent still so I am going to have to be a little careful this week.  The church has a pretty good doctor here and she went with me to the pharmacy to get the best brand for every medicine, so no worries about that mom.  All the meds are good ones.  The church has a good doctor and she has even been calling me a lot to see how I’m doing and give me advice of what to do for certain things.  She is a member and has been working with missionaries for 17 years.  She told me something that made me pretty happy about my Spanish though.  She said in her 17 years with seeing missionaries, she hasn’t´t seen hardly anyone that has picked up the Spanish language so well in so little time.  She told me that she doesn’t really even hear a gringo accent in my Spanish and that it flows really well when I speak.  So, according to her, my Spanish is coming along really well! :)

Alejandra is doing really well.  She has come to church twice and has been going to lots of activities.  She has made friends at church and is really loving what we teach her.  We have a baptismal date for her on the 28th of this month and she is pretty excited for it.  We are going to be doing it at 8 in the morning so she can have some of her friends there to see it.  I am really excited for her!  She is accepting the gospel and has realized the happiness that it has brought into her life.  I love seeing what this gospel does to people when the truly accept it!!  It makes big changes for the better in their lives.

The Smith family is on a little bit of a hold right now.  The wife, Celina, just had a baby.  They asked us to be the Godfathers of the baby though.  A little weird since we haven’t even known them for that long, but oh well.  Here the doctors say to stay in and rest for 40 days though, so they don’t want to get baptized until after that.  We are going to talk to them about doing a special baptism where we can use a chair or something to baptize her.

On Saturday, it started raining really hard… and we ended up with a big issue.  Our roof started leaking!!  We had to put buckets all over the place to catch the rain water that was dripping through the roof!  Our house is such a piece of junk!  It’s all part of the experience though!

I am glad that you guys have been having a good summer!  Os amo a todos y espero que tengan una buena semana!  Salud from El Salvador hasta el otro lunes!


Elder Aaron Black

Some Bright Spots, But Still Sick

Dear Family,

This week has been another pretty tough week.  I have been sick all week still and I just haven’t had any energy, so walking all day everyday has been killing me.  We are trying to figure out what is wrong with me though because I am getting pretty skinny.  I only weigh 165 compared to the 190 that I weighed when I got here.  I am going to be doing a few exams today and on Wednesday to figure out what I have and how I can get healthy again.  I should be fine soon though so no worries! :)

I have some bad news and good news from my area.  I will start with the bad to save the best for last.  We had a mission activity to play soccer with a bunch of the neighbors on Saturday that one of the bishopric members planned.  We invited a bunch of people and had some of them already there when he showed up.  He said that he was canceling it and that we couldn’t use the ball that he was going to bring.  He just said if we were going to do it still we had to find a ball, so we got one and they started playing anyway.

We have an investigator that is very positive though.  Her name is Alejandra.  She is very interested and came to church on Sunday and loved it.  We are pretty excited to finally have an investigator that is keeping commitments and progressing.  We committed her to be baptized and she said yes, but she just wants to learn a little bit more first.  We are going to be having a baptismal service for her on the 28th of this month!  She always reads and studies what we leave with her and has her questions written down for the next visit.  She has gone to many churches before, but just never really liked any of them until she came to ours.  She said that she thought she wouldn’t like it that much, but loved it.  She is a golden investigator.

I am struggling with my English a little bit now haha.  I can’t really hold a normal conversation in English without having to pause and think of what a word is because it only comes into my head in Spanish.  When I am talking in English, I usually mix in a lot of Spanish with it without even realizing it too.  I love it though and am loving learning the language of Spanish!

Well there is a little bit about my week.  I am hoping that the upcoming weeks end up better!  I love you all and hope you have a great week and an awesome summer!

Elder Aaron Black

Aaron was finally able to start sending photos again.  Here are the latest.









A View of the City From the Nearby Mountain



Looking For Investigators in the Nearby Mountains, We Found Some Cows


Someone painted this on a wall and I thought it was kind of cool.


Taking a Bath in a Local River


By the Mall in Front of the Temple