A Great Week

April 16, 2012:

Dear Family,
This week has been great!  I sat down with my companion and talked with him for about an hour and we worked everything out.  After that, the week went great with just about everything.  We found nine new investigators this week and a few of them were pretty much just waiting for the gospel to be brought to them.  We have quite a few that committed to come to church next week and we should have at least 5 or 6 of them there.  On top of those nine, there are three more that my companion, Elder Caceres, had been teaching before, but they weren’t progressing.  They were really positive when we started teaching them this past week and are probably going to come to church this coming Sunday.  We also have some other investigators that we were already teaching that should be coming to church this Sunday.  If all goes well this week, we could have more than 10 coming to church!  We also talked to our bishop about the problem with the number of less actives we have in the ward.  There were more less actives than active members.  He called a ward council yesterday (Sunday) and planned an activity to go out and visit a lot of them that same day.  We divided up with a lot of members and stopped by a lot of their houses.  On Saturday, we are going to go out with members again to remind all the less active members about church again, so we should have a lot of them there!
This past week something really funny happened.  One of the ladies in the ward was talking to a non-member that lives close to the church.  She said that she wanted to join the church and the member asked her what it is about the church that she likes.  She told her that she wanted to join the church to meet me and then marry me!  Another replay of the lady in Africa that wanted to marry me!  Well at least I know that if I can’t find a girl that will go out with me when I get back, I can always come back to El Salvador or go to Africa again!  Haha jk!
This week, it has rained a few times and it is raining again today.  I love the rain here, because when it rains, it usually pours!  The only thing bad about it is that after the rain it is super humid and hot.  At least the hottest part of the year is passing though.  In El Salvador, April is the hottest month of the year, so it has been really hot and humid.  We are always wet whether it is raining or not!  haha



Leaving the apartment in the rain

Well there is a little bit about my week!  I hope all is well with everyone and I love you all!

[Regarding the Easter street pictures made of salt, Alfombras, mentioned in Aaron’s April 9 letter:  Email from Mom to Aaron: Aaron, here are some Alfombras pictures I found.  Do you live anywhere near Los Planes de Renderos?  We also saw some others made with dyed sawdust, flowers, grass, etc.   They are amazing!]

[Here’s the link to the Alfombras pictures I sent to Aaron:] http://gringainelsalvador.wordpress.com/2011/04/24/holy-week-carpets-el-salvador-alfombras-semana-santa-el-salvador/

[Aaron’s reply about the Alfombras]

These Alfombras are exactly like the ones in my area. Los Planes in a different area in the city of San Salvador. The part I live in is called San Jacinto. You can look my area up on Google maps and see what it looks like, if you can zoom in good here.

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